REMOSA is above all a customer-centric business, offering quality, innovation and excellent service. Remosa has a high number of professionals who are dedicated to their customers at all times.


It has a broad commercial network with coverage across the Peninsula and France, supervised by a team of engineers who at the same time give support and advice to all our customers through technical visits,trainings and direct consultations.


Remosaoffers our customers every facility as well as speed. This is why it places at your disposal a department exclusively dedicated to drafting estimates, with a response time of between 48 and 72 hours. It also places at your disposal a Customer Service that ensures that all customer requests are appropriately channelled.

Finally, thanks to its production and logistics service, Remosa is able to offer its customers a minimal turnaround time, with a turnaround pledge of between 5-10 working days depending on the team. Please check with us if you need specialized equipment.

We also have a TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE as a Preventive Maintenance service to ensure the optimal operation of our equipment. This service includes status review and cleaning cycle adjustment, verification of electromechanical systems and elements, checks for absence of leaks, inspection of sludge level, sludge return pumping adjustment, affluent and effluent sample taking, certified lab analysis and emptying of sludge… SMP customers have at their disposal an exclusive priority service for faults, queries relating to operation and enhancement possibilities.