GREM Sant Cugat


REMOSA supplies 2 DRP (Stormwater Collection Tank) 20,000 liters with filter and 2 GREM 6000 V With the capacity to reuse more than 5 million liters per year in a residential complex of a hundred homes in Sant Cugat (Barcelona).
In 2002 the first ordinance was approved for the use of rainwater and greywater in Sant Cugat, a pioneering municipality in this field.

Although, the installation of water saving systems is not yet specifically contemplated in the CET (Technical Building Code). However, construction professionals, planners, architects, technical architects, engineers, administrative technicians, consultants, installers and distributors must update their knowledge of water saving procedures (reducing the use of water in showers or cisterns, systems for lowering the temperature of hot water, or implementation of environmental management systems such as ISO 14100 or EMAS) in order to install these procedures or to assess their efficiency.

The municipal water saving ordinance applies to all types of new buildings and constructions including those undergoing comprehensive renovation or reform, change of use of all or part of the building or construction, whether publicly or privately owned, including stand-alone buildings forming part of complex installations.
REMOSA with its team GREM offers solutions to regenerate and treat graywater of which we can highlight the following advantages:
  • Centralized equipment with physical-biological treatment (through ultrafiltration membranes) - MBR equipment: roughing, oxidation, membrane filtration, chlorination and accumulator in a single piece of equipment.
  • Considerable saving of drinking water.
  • Reuse of water for irrigation, Wc cisterns and exterior cleaning. (RD1620 -2017)
  • Helps preserve the environment.
  • Advantages of the membrane bioreactor compared to conventional ultraviolet treatment (RD1620 -2017 reuse, annex I.A, with compliance for the higher quality requirement that is for urban use).
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