DECLAM - Static lamellar decanters

Wastewater treatment

This is a system for separating out suspended solids (sand, sludge) that could interfere with subsequent water treatments, because they tend to form sediments in hydraulic conduits, pipes and channels and cause abrasion in pump motors and in other equipme

Lamellar decanters are designed for continuous separation of solid particles, and they have three basic aims:
  • Increase the decanting surface area.
  • Reduce the space required for the structure (approximately 90%).
  • Achieve laminar flow.
In the decanting compartment there are the lamellar blocks formed by various FRP plates placed parallel with an inclination of 60° which makes it possible to increase the effective decanting surface area of the suspended solids. When the effluent is laminated upwards, the sludge is sent to the bottom of the decanter due to the inclination of the plates. See diagram below. The maximum temperature of the effluent must not exceed 55ºC.



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