Wastewater treatment

Compact biological reactor by sludge activated with culture fixed on fluidised bed

The principle of this treatment accessory consists of putting into contact biomass (composed of aerobic bacteria that develop in the presence of oxygen), the substances it feeds on (organic material in the water to be treated and which is the source of the pollution) and the air supplied by small compressors.
  • Biodegrading of the organic matter by the aerobic bacteria present in wastewater.
  • Oxygen supply by means of fine bubble membrane air diffusers.
  • Free and aerated immersed fixed culture, with plastic substrates with a large specific surface area.
  • Fixture of the biofilm on the plastic substrate without the need for internal recirculation to keep the biomass in the clarifier.
These reactors are manufactured on request, always adapting the dimensions to the field constraints. However, any FRP cistern format from the water storage section can be chosen.



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