Quality and Environmental policy

REMOSA, in accordance with the corporate principles of Social Responsibility, undertakes to take environmental protection and sustainable development into consideration in all of its decisions. This Policy seeks to ensure that we systematically meet the demands and specifications of customers as well as any rules and regulations that may be applicable to us.

For these reasons, the Managing Director wishes to transmit the commitment undertaken by Management to all of the company’s components, through the approval, dissemination and maintenance of this QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY.

At Remosa we have analyzed the company’s specific situation from both an internal and external viewpoint and undertake to:
  • Meet customers’ needs, continuously improving the quality of our products and services.
  • Be aware of the needs and expectations of all stakeholders who are pertinent to the management system.
  • Protect the environment, which encompasses all processes, operational cycles and individual activities. Any environmental impacts resulting from activities, processes and services shall be assessed, controlled and minimized, including the use of natural resources.
  • Assume the commitment to meet all legal requirements and other requirements that the Organization subscribes.
  • Approach Quality and Environmental Management as a task common to all activities undertaken in REMOSA. Each one of its members assumes their participation in and responsibility for continuous improvement, enhancement of the processes and optimization of available resources through systematic planning, monitoring and feedback.
  • Establish effective and continuous communication to detect needs and improve the management of the system. This Quality and Environmental Policy is distributed, understood and accepted by all personnel and is accessible to any interested party through our website.
  • Ensure that Quality and Environmental Protection engages all workers. Through its information, training and control policy, REMOSA promotes the awareness of all employees on issues pertaining to quality and the environment.
For this Continuous Improvement commitment, we shall annually establish quality and environmental goals that are compatible with the context of the organization and its strategic leadership, allocating the necessary resources to achieve them and to ensure that REMOSA faces the challenges of the future with a guarantee of success.

Mr Valentí Reguant Agut
Managing Director of REMOSA
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